Purgatory Film Festival

Run by filmmakers, for filmmakers.

Purgatory Pictures Ltd has been up and running for a couple of years now and, having travelled the world - taking our products to film festivals, we have finally decided to launch our own festival. Although this is our first year, we have a lot of experience with how festivals run. What makes them work, what people enjoy and what they don't.

It might seem strange; filmmakers launching their own festival but, for us, we believe it is the most natural thing to do given our passion for films of all genres.

The Festival will run on a yearly basis during the second to last weekend of October. Close enough to Halloween that people are craving their horror but not on Halloween, ruining people's parties and although this is our first festival, we plan to grow it on a year to year basis. The dream is to grow it to a level where we invite traders to come down and join in too, turning it into a festival-convention (but for the first year, we are only showing the films and holding the awards). 

The entry fees will always be kept modest to ensure costs are covered and all winners, no matter where they are in the world, will win themselves a physical trophy at no additional cost to their entry fee.

For transparency, the Film Festival will be run through filmfreeway. All those who are selected will be given 2 x free tickets to the event. At the end of the evening, the awards will be given out. This part of the festival will be filmed with the footage uploaded to our site for all to enjoy.