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A film for your showreel

Matt Shaw is the award-winning author and screenplay writer of over 300 publications and a number of produced screenplays. He has been writing for over twenty years and made a name for himself within the horror genre, although he doesn't just write "horror". 

Working closely with you - and your needs - Matt Shaw will write you a 5 to 10 page screenplay which focuses on your strengths as an actor, whilst also helping you show your true range. Once the script has been signed off by you, he will come to your location, with the rest of the Purgatory team, and film the short with you. The choice is yours whether you use your friends to fill the other parts, or whether you get Purgatory to cast the other roles, with their network of actors.

As part of the service, Purgatory Pictures provides everything that you will need to get the film completed to the highest of standards. Once the film is finished, they will showcase it on their YouTube channel (more exposure for you) but, you are entirely free to do whatever you wish with the short.

Here is what happens:

1. After a 20% deposit is paid, to cover his time, Matt Shaw writes the script, based on your needs. You want a drama? Not a problem! Comedy? You got it! Horror? You've come to the right place... Whatever the genre you desire, you will get.

2. Once the script is complete, Purgatory Pictures will get the shot-lists complete, ready to show you how it will be filmed. At this stage, you can take the script and film it yourself (and pay nothing more than the 20% deposit already paid) or you can carry on working with Purgatory Pictures, in which case:

3. When you're happy the remaining balance will be due to be paid and, once done, the dates will be set to make the film! You can provide the other cast members, using your friends, or Purgatory Pictures will get the other parts cast. Keep in mind: the other parts are kept to a minimum because the film is supposed to showcase you. 

4. After filming is complete, the film is then edited together. Given this is a short film, the films are usually completed within 2 weeks - from principle photography to end of the shoot. If this is to be any different, you will be warned prior to you choosing to go ahead.

5. With the film finished, it will be sent to you via WeTransfer (or similar) as a digital file. It will also be uploaded to Purgatory Pictures' YouTube Channel.  With the film in your possession, you are free to do with it as you choose.

If you'd like to know more, please do not hesitate to drop us an email so we can discuss your requirements.



We are a UK company. Unfortunately this service is only open to UK mainland due to logistical reasons. 

If you wish to take the script that's written for you, and film it with your own team, you're more than welcome to do so. There will be no additional costs involved, just the initial 20% deposit paid. However, Matt Shaw will need to be credited as the writer of the screenplay.

No two screenplays are the same! Each one is custom written for the person ordering it! 


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